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Western Capital is a powerful force in the international finance community and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes, Business Week and profiled on CNN. Western Capital was started in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Western Capital  was incorporated in 1989 and has blossomed into a full service account management, collection investigation and  recovery agency. We are able to provide you with cost effective debt collection and private investigation programs customized to suit your needs. Our programs are designed to maximize cash flow, lower account receivable costs and allow you to concentrate on other important matters.

WESTERN CAPITAL'S rates are extremely competitive. Our rates start at only 33%! Western Capital works on a 100% contingency basis, NEVER charges an Up-Front Fee, and our rates are negotiable.


  • Western Capital Investigation Services (WCIS)
    Our sister company WCIS, functions as a full fledge private investigation and skiptracing agency. Because of this unique arrangement, Western Capital has full access to a  variety of databases that are not normally available to the collection industry. This special access permits us to  locate your hard core skips in a cost effective manner, guaranteeing you better overall collection results
  • Our Vast Databases
    With our duplicate debtor analysis, we are able to cross reference and match up active, inactive and legal accounts that are currently in our system. This enables us, in many cases, to locate and collect an account that may have been a skip for you but had previously been found and collected by us. In addition, a small balance account can now be combined with other debts to increase the amount of time and effort placed into the collection process.
  • Our National Consumer and Commercial Reporting Services
    Western Capital has the capability to report any delinquent consumer collection account into as an "unpaid collection item" with Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. This reporting of your balance due will hinder your debtors ability to borrow money for seven (7) years, or until the debt has been paid in full to Western Capital. We also have the ability to report any delinquent commercial accounts to Experian Business Credit and Dunn and Bradstreet.


We know that you can collect the vast majority of receivables yourself or you wouldn't be in business for long. A good collection service is a business tool that every successful company should have at their disposal. It makes good financial sense to collect every dollar that is owed to you. The term "write off" is just a nice way of saying you've been robbed!

We've found that, in at least 75% of all the cases we see, the debtor never had any intention of ever paying their bill.

As far as percentage of recovery, no other agency compares with us. The national average is 15% and that's pitiful. If your debtor is in business, your money will be collected, plain and simple.

We believe direct phone contact with the debtor is the most effective way of collecting your money quickly. Letters and faxes are easily ignored or discarded. We don't like to waste your time or ours.

The great majority of our accounts are resolved peacefully, but, should litigation become necessary, we work with a network of excellent attorneys that we can call upon to settle matters. Be assured we are prepared to use every legal means at our disposal to collect your money.

It is well known that the older a debt becomes, the harder it is to collect. Some collection agencies won't take a debt after a certain period of time. We will! It shouldn't matter if a debt is 3 months or 3 years old. If someone owes you money, we will do all we can to get it back for you.

That's Our Promise To You!

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