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Investigation Service Order and Payment Form
Disclaimer: Western Capital will make a conscientious effort to provide clients with the most updated, accurate search result. However, the accuracy of any search result is directly connected to information that is submitted by the client. Additionally, the search results are generated independent public an private databases not directly connected to this organization. Then this organization will not accept any responsibility or liability for the inaccuracy of any search result that is provided to the client. We have listed only a portion of our search titles and prices. These prices may vary from state to state. Further, the searches will also be subject to federal, state and local law for the contents.
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Tell Us About the Person or Company That You Want Us to Investigate!

This general application for a search subject is designed either for search on individuals or on companies. The more information that is provided on any search subject the easier the search will be and the accuracy of generated search results are based on the accuracy of provided REQUIRED information.

Company Name
First Name
Last Name
Middle Initial
Phone: business
Social Security #
Drivers License #
Date of Birth
Auto Description: Year
Auto Description: Make
Auto Description: Model
Auto Description: Color
License Plate #
Select the search(s) for ordering. Multiple search can be ordered by selecting the appropriate buttons.
Order Form Driving Record - $25.00
Order Form Neighbor Listing  $25.00 (Get A List of All Neighbors with Phone Numbers!)
Order Form
License Plate Records - $25.00
Order Form
Vehicle Registration- $25.00
Order Form
Criminal-Felony or Misdemeanor - $85.00 (7 yrs.)
Criminal-Felony or Misdemeanor -        $95.00 (10 yrs.)
Order Form
Civil Court Records - $50.00 Per State Searched
Order Form
Bankruptcy Records - $46.00
Order Form
Bankruptcies/Tax Liens/Judgements - $50.00
Order Form
Name Search - $35.00 (zip code, SSN) Name Search - $50.00 (city, state)
Order Form
Prospective Employee Background Check- $100.00
Order Form Full Business Credit Report  $145.00
Order Form Full Consumer Credit Report   $50.00 For One Bureau    $95.00 For Two
Order Form Reverse Phone Lookup $20.00 (includes Non-Published Numbers!)
Order Form
Marriage Record - $35.00

If you do not see the search you are looking for please describe the services you need in detail below.

Credit Card Phone Mail
Card Type:
Card Number:
Expr.Date: /
Full Card Holder Name:


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